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Podcast for DeFi, Web3.0, Metaverse, Crypto, and all things Blockchain

Hosted by Tarusha Mittal, COO & Co-founder at OroPocket & UniFarm Living On Blockchain is a go-to podcast trusted by founders, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts.


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About Us

Living on Blockchain is a podcast for Blockchain enthusiasts brought to you by Tarusha Mittal, COO & Co-founder at OroPocket and UniFarm. Tarusha Mittal has been exploring the technical, economic, and social aspects of this game-changing industry through interviews with founders and blockchain experts. The idea is to make this technology and its benefits known to the end-user.

Meet Our Host

Tarusha Mittal
COO & Co-founder @OroPocket & UniFarm

Tarusha Mittal is one of India's award-winning female entrepreneurs, well-known for her commendable works done in the blockchain space. She has a demonstrated history of working with several projects in the Blockchain and DeFi space and has done a remarkable job by previously building Ethx, OroPocket, and UniFarm.

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